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Non-citizens who are in the United States and are eligible to obtain a green card can often complete the process without leaving the United States. However, for some, an adjustment of status within the U.S. may not be possible, and they must go through “consular processing” to complete the immigration process.

At Villarrubia & Rosenberger, P.C., we have experienced consular processing attorneys who help clients in the Indianapolis metro area and surrounding areas to successfully complete the process for themselves or their loved ones. Reach out today for more information.

What is “Consular Processing?”

“Consular processing” is a process followed by certain people who are beneficiaries of approved immigration petitions and have an immigrant visa (green card) number immediately available. Such individuals can apply at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad for an immigrant visa to enter the United States and be admitted as permanent residents. This is a different process from obtaining an adjustment of status for those already lawfully in the U.S.

Steps for Consular Processing

  • Petition. The process begins with the filing of an immigrant petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) by a sponsor, who can be an employer or family member who is a U.S. citizen or green card holder.
  • Adjudication and Approval of Petition. USCIS adjudicates and notifies the petitioner of its decision on the petition, which can be a denial or approval. If the petition is approved and the beneficiary lives outside the United States, then USCIS will send the approved petition to the Department of State’s National Visa Center (NVC). It will remain with the NVC until an immigrant visa number is available.
  • Notification from NVC. The NVC will notify the applicant when an immigrant visa number is about to become available. The NVC will then alert the applicant when it is time to submit their immigrant visa processing fees, visa application and supporting documentation.
  • Visa Interview Appointment. After fees have been paid, applications have been submitted and reviewed, and documents have been submitted and NVC has determined that the case has been documentarily qualified, the applicant will be placed on a queue for scheduling for the interview at the Embassy or Consulate. At the interview, the consular officer will then decide whether to approve or deny the application at their discretion. If they require further evidence, they will issue a notice with said requirements. If the applicant is denied, a written decision will be issued.
  • Visa Approval. If the consular officer approves the visa application, they will provide the applicant with a packet of information known as a “Visa Packet”, unless it is given electronically. You should not open this packet. This package will only be opened by an Customs and Border Protection officer at a port of entry to the United States.

Let an Indiana Immigration Lawyer Assist With Your Consular Processing

If you are in the Indianapolis metro area and need assistance with consular processing, contact Villarrubia & Rosenberger, P.C. today and schedule a consultation to discuss your situation. We assist clients in obtaining visas and green cards in many different ways, and we can assess your options.

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