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Can I Help My Parents Immigrate to the U.S.?
May 20, 2024

Can I Help My Parents Immigrate to the U.S.?

Navigating the pathways to American citizenship for your parents can be a complex and nuanced process, encompassing a variety of options, each with its unique requirements. At Villarrubia & Rosenberger, P.C., we help demystify the immigration process, providing legal knowledge in family-based immigration and ensuring that our clients are well-informed and supported throughout their journey towards reuniting with their loved ones in the United States. 

Understanding Family-Based Immigration

Family-based immigration allows U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents (LPRs) to sponsor their immediate relatives for lawful permanent residence, also known as a green card. This is often the most common route for parents who wish to immigrate to the United States.

There are two categories of family preference visas: immediate relative immigrant visas and family preference immigrant visas. Immediate relative immigrant visas are unlimited, while family preference immigrant visas have set quotas each year and can result in longer waiting times.

Sponsorship Options for Parents

There are several options available for U.S. citizens or LPRs who want to sponsor their parents’ immigration:

  • If you are a U.S. citizen over the age of 21, you can petition for your parents to obtain a green card. This process is known as the Parent Visa (IR-5) and has no annual limit.
  • If you are an LPR, you can petition for your parents to obtain a green card under the Family Second Preference category. However, there is often a significant wait time due to the annual quota.
  • Another option for LPRs is the Family Third Preference category, which allows them to petition for their married parents. This also has a yearly quota and can result in longer waiting times.

Eligibility Requirements

To successfully sponsor your parents’ immigration to the United States, you must meet certain eligibility requirements:

  • You must be a U.S. citizen or an LPR with proof of your status.
  • You must have a qualifying relationship with your parents, such as being their biological child or legally adopted child.
  • You must meet the minimum age requirement of 21 years old when petitioning for your parents.
  • Your parents must be admissible to the U.S., meaning they do not have a criminal record or any other disqualifying factors.

How We Can Assist

At Villarrubia & Rosenberger, P.C., our approach begins with a comprehensive consultation to discuss your immigration goals, the options available, and the strategic path forward. Our seasoned team will guide you through selecting the right visa category based on your circumstances and ensure that every step of the process is approached with precision and care. From completing and submitting forms to gathering required documentation, we work tirelessly towards securing your family’s reunion in the United States.

Documentation and Application Tips

A critical aspect of the immigration process is collecting the required documentation, which may include birth certificates, marriage certificates, and proof of relationship. Accuracy in filling out applications and timely submission of these documents, along with the required supporting evidence, cannot be overstated. Our team provides personalized guidance to mitigate errors and omissions that could delay the process.

Addressing Concerns and Challenges

Common obstacles often include language barriers, navigating complex legal paperwork, and understanding the intricacies of immigration law. We offer language assistance, simplify the paperwork process, and provide clear, actionable legal advice. Our goal is to ease the burden these challenges may pose, ensuring a smoother path toward achieving your immigration objectives. 

The Importance of Professional Assistance

While the desire to reunite with your parents in the United States is an emotional and pivotal step, the legal intricacies involved necessitate professional guidance. Villarrubia & Rosenberger, P.C. is committed to providing that guidance, ensuring that your family’s immigration process is handled with care and professionalism. 

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