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Some of the most challenging decisions after separation and during divorce or paternity (for unmarried parents) cases relate to minor children. What will custody and parenting time schedules look like for a child or children? How is child support calculated? Will it be enough to continue paying the bills?

If you live in Indiana, the lawyers at Villarrubia & Rosenberger, P.C. can help. We will explain your options and help you reach a workable arrangement that fits your family’s unique needs. In addition to child-related issues, our attorneys have the experience and skills to help you resolve any other related family law issues you might also be facing.

What Is The Most Important Factor In Child Custody?

The child’s best interests are a guiding factor for the judge if a case goes to trial. In most cases, however, parents are able to reach an agreement about custody before a trial becomes necessary.

A parenting plan can often be tailored to best fit your family needs (for example, parents may work different shifts or live across town from each other). This plan needs to provide enough structure for children, but ensure flexibility as they grow older and want to participate in more activities that might interfere with weeknight parenting time.

Getting The Numbers Correct For Fair Child Support

Child support generally stays in effect until a child turns 19 – longer in some circumstances. For this reason alone, it is important to get it right. And while modifications are possible, they are only granted in limited cases.

Child support calculations follow a guidelines approach. This means that the numbers used in the formula must be accurate, or the outcome will not be fair. When one parent is self-employed, determining annual income can become an issue. It is usually not as simple as looking at a prior-year tax return. We work with clients to ensure that a child support determination is fair whether they will be paying or receiving support.

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